5 Big Reasons To Buy Your Next Car Here


Buying a car can make some people nervous. It's scary out there. That's why I created my Car Buyers Bill Of Rights. When you buy a car from Farris Motor Company it's a whole different world than when you buy somewhere else.

Shopping at my store is fun and worry free because when you're here, you're entitled to some exclusive benefits you won't find anywhere else.

Here's what you get when you buy from Farris Motor Company:

1. You Have The Right To A Fear-Free Car Buying Experience: Farris Motor Company is a "Fear-Free" Zone. There's no need to be stressed out or worried about getting a good deal or about the car buying process. In fact at Farris Motor Company we work hard to make buying a car fun. To take all the stress and hassle out of negotiating a car deal, I created my "Price Proposal Process." You don’t have to negotiate the best price for your car; instead I'll give you a proposal with all the details. You can look at the proposal and decide whether or not it makes sense for you. If not, you make a recommendation and I'll tweak the proposal based on your feedback. It's as simple as that.

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2. You Have The Right To Free Maintenance: All of my vehicles come with two years of free maintenance. That means you won't have to worry about oil changes, tire rotations, or even safety inspections while you are enjoying your nicer, newer car. I offer this on every vehicle I sell because I believe that the best way I can serve you is to keep as many of your hard earned dollars in your pocket and your vehicle dependably and safely running.

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3. You Have The Right To A Safe, Dependable Car: Your car is part of your family. You drive it every day to work. Your kids and family grow up in it. Oftentimes you even spend more time in it than you do your own living room! I refuse to allow one of my customers to drive away in a vehicle that I wouldn’t put my own family in. So, every vehicle sold comes with a free AutoCheck history report and comprehensive 59 point safety inspection. You are important to me, and ensuring that you have a safe dependable car is too.

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4. You Have The Right To The Most Money For Your Trade:
Getting the most for your old car is important. It can impact the deal significantly and that's why most dealers are very sneaky and cheap when it comes to appraising and valuing your trade. I don't like that, so I created my "Transparent Trade Appraisal Process." You'll be involved in your trade appraisal and we'll be completely open about the process. Together we'll come up with what's fair and make sure you get what your car is really worth.

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5. You Have The Right To A $500 Credit Approval Guarantee:
I know that bad things happen to good people and that dealing with tough credit challenges can be embarrassing and stressful. That's why I created my "For The People Credit Approval Process." I have valuable relationships that I've built with special lenders and funding sources that can help me solve even the toughest credit situations and have you driving a nicer, newer vehicle today. In fact, if your pay check is over $266 a week and I can’t get you approved, I will pay you $500 cash failing you. Hold your head up high… I've got you covered.

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Your Rights Are Protected Here!

If you'd like some help getting the car of your dreams with little or no money down please take a moment and fill out the form below. One of my Automotive Transportation Experts will connect with you quickly.