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Meet Our Staff


Johnny Wayne Farris
Jason Farris
The Dealer for the People
GSM Josh Elswick
Josh Elswick
Hi I am Josh, and I love cars!
Assistant Sales Manager Matt  Owens
Matt Owens
Assistant Sales Manager
Finance Manager Jamie Picquet
Jamie Picquet
Finance Manager
Hi, I am Jamie and I love numbers.
New Car Manager Randall Vaughn
Randall Vaughn
New Car Manager
Hi, I am Randall, and I love Jeeps!
Solutions Specialist Brian
Brian "2.0" Andresen
Solutions Specialist
Trey King
Solution's Provider
Zack Cody
Solution's Provider
Aaron Rigdon
Solution's Provider
Bubba Craig
Solution's Provider
Chris Andrews
Solution's Provider


Mary Jo Cherry
Business Manager
Garrett Payne
Assistant Business Manager
Janie Douthat
Account Clerk
Chantelle Moody
Title Clerk/Receptionist


Parts Manager Jeff Batson
Jeff Batson
Parts Manager
Hi I am Jeff, and I love parts.
Mara Hannah
Parts Advisor
Hi I am Mara, and I love parts.


Rick Cantrell
Service Manager
Don Strother
Service Advisor
Gary Yardley
Auto Detail
Ross Tokarz