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Auto Loans with Bad Credit in Knoxville


Auto Loans with Bad Credit in Knoxville

Not all of us have stellar credit, and if you’re looking for Auto Loans with Bad Credit in Knoxville, then you should go to the Farris Motor Company. We have had a lot of success helping people in tough credit situations get the financing they need, and most likely we can help you.

Our philosophy is about being a dealership for the people, and we’re ready to provide a more fun and convenient car buying experience for you. Apply for financing at our website, and see how easy it can be to step into a nicer, newer car.

Auto Loans Specialists

There are places that specialize in bad credit financing, but we don’t think that they have the heart that we do at the Farris Motor Company. We really believe in doing what it takes to get our customers get the car that they deserve, and there are many specific things that we provide that other places don’t. We want our customers to be knowledgeable about their credit situation, and we already provide a free report that shows "How to Legally Improve Your Credit."

If you’re searching for Auto Loans with Bad Credit in Knoxville, you can also do some work of your own by obtaining a copy of your credit report from annualcreditreport.com. You can get a free copy from each of the three major credit agencies to check that the information is correct, as mistakes can lower your credit score.

Benefits of Auto Loans with Bad Credit in Knoxville

If you’re browsing the Internet for Auto Loans with Bad Credit in Knoxville, you really need to check out the Farris Motor Company. In addition to free information, there are plenty of other things that we provide at Farris Motor Company that set us apart.

• Our Cars are Reliable and Safe: We’re confident in the dependability of the cars that we sell, and that’s why we provide a comprehensive, 59-point safety inspection and free AutoCheck history report for every vehicle we sell.

• Free Maintenance for Two Years: That’s right, it’s free. This adds value to your investment, and it may even help you smile a little more, which we think is a good thing.

• "Fear-Free" Zone: Too many places use pressure and deceit to make their customers agree to things that aren’t in their best interest, and we don’t think that’s right. We take the negative out of the equation with our "Price Proposal Process" where the onus is on us to first give you a detailed proposal. If it doesn’t suit you, make some suggestions for changes, and we’ll tweak it according to your feedback. We want your purchase experience to be fun and convenient, which is what we're always aiming for.

For help with bad credit auto loans, talk to the courteous staff of the Farris Motor Company at 246 E. Broadway Blvd in Jefferson City, TN 37760, and our phone number is 865-475-2071. People come to see us from cities like White Pine, Alcoa, Clinton, Oak Ridge, Johnson City, Blaine, Kingsport, and Knoxville, and we’re known for being a dealership that’s for the people.

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