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Car Loans after Bankruptcy for the People in Knoxville


Car Loans after Bankruptcy for the People in Knoxville

If you’re recovering from the sting of bankruptcy and need to find a car, it’s good to know that you can turn to the Farris Motor Company. We have provided many Car Loans after Bankruptcy for the People in Knoxville, and we know how to help you no matter what circumstances led to your filing. Our new and pre-owned inventory provides great value and affordable prices, and it’s easy to apply for financing, so talk to us today and see how easy it is to get the car that you need.

Car Loans Information

We understand that bankruptcy is a painful process, and while you may not want to check on your credit history, it’s really important that you do so. You can obtain your credit report once a year for free from AnnualCreditReport.com, and Credit.com offers a free credit report summary, which will explain how lenders can view your credit data. Mistakes on credit reports are not uncommon, and you’ll want to dispute any errors that you find and have them taken off your report. While we’re known for providing convenient Car Loans after Bankruptcy for the People in Knoxville at the Farris Motor Company, we also like to provide useful information that helps out our customers.

Application for Car Loans after Bankruptcy for the People in Knoxville

Applications for Car Loans after Bankruptcy for the People in Knoxville are available at the Farris Motor Company website, and it only takes about a minute to fill it out. Our 3-step approval process won’t affect your credit score, is confidential and secure, and our virtual finance consultant will help you along the way. Or feel free to visit us during regular business hours and one of our friendly staff members will assist you. We want you to feel comfortable during the finance process, and we’ll answer your questions and provide top service.

While getting your car is the end goal of your financing, it’s not the only good thing that can come out of receiving an auto loan. At the Farris Motor Company, we like to emphasize making consistent, on-time payments since doing so will help you to slowly rebuild your credit. Equifax looked at consumers who had credit scores below 550 (considered deep subprime), in a three-year time interval and observed that those who obtained an auto loan had bigger increases in their credit scores compared to the ones who didn’t. In fact, the ones who got automotive financing were four times as likely to have increased their credit score above 640 compared to those who did not get a loan.

For convenient car loans after bankruptcy, come to the Farris Motor Company. We’re located at 246 E. Broadway Blvd in Jefferson City, TN 37760, and we serve the people of the neighboring communities, including places like Knoxville, Dandridge, Blaine, White Pine, Sevierville, Mascot, and Newport.

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