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Car Loans after Default in Knoxville


Car Loans after Default in Knoxville

You were in between jobs last year and had to make key decisions regarding the future of your finances. Ranging from which bills had to paid to which ones you may have to skip for a few months, each decision was adding stress to your life. Having allowed too many due dates to pass by, you defaulted on your loan.

Other lenders may only look at your past, but Farris Motor Company looks toward the future. With our Car Loans after Default in Knoxville, your future behind the wheel could happen sooner than you think.

Car Loans Experts

Even if you have had to file for bankruptcy or if you have gone through a costly divorce, our talented team of experts can find a low-interest auto loan that will fit within your budget. The terms of our loans are flexible, and you will have an impressive stock of vehicles to choose from. Whether the road calls for the flexibility of an SUV or if you simply need a comfortable sedan for city driving, our inventory has it all.

The decision to buy a new car is quite large, but there are steps you can take now which will increase your chances of getting a good deal in the future. Request a copy of your credit report and score before signing the papers for our Car Loans after Default in Knoxville. Our decision regarding financing is not based solely on your credit history, but if you were to improve your score, you could have lower monthly payments.

Offering Car Loans after Default in Knoxville

Credit card usage is a key reason as to why many people are driven into debt. If you were to start using cash more and plastic less, your financial situation could start to look more appealing to lenders. Experts tend to agree that by using 30% or less of your credit card limit, your score can benefit the most.

While it is not required, if you are willing to put forth a sizable down payment upfront, your monthly payments could be reduced and the interest rate of your loan could be lower as well. You are in the process of fixing your credit, so the idea of putting aside extra money may seem like a foreign concept at the moment.

Fill out our online pre-approval form to begin the loan process. After you have been approved for financing, call Farris Motor Company at 865-475-2071 to find out more about our Car Loans after Default in Knoxville. Our office is located at 246 E. Broadway Blvd, Jefferson City, TN 37760. Stop by during normal business hours and find the car that you have been searching for.

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