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Car Loans after Divorce in Knoxville


Car Loans after Divorce in Knoxville

After lengthy divorce proceedings, you and your partner have finally decided on which debts you both will pay separately. But in the meantime, the debt still remains and your credit score has taken a hit in the process. While other dealers may not be willing to approve you for financing, Farris Motor Company is ready and willing to lend a hand. Our Car Loans after Divorce in Knoxville have been tailored to suit the needs of drivers just like you.

Car Loans Application

Even if your house was foreclosed on by a lender or if you had to declare bankruptcy at the time of the divorce, our staff has the experience needed to get you behind the wheel of a brand new car today. Our inventory includes models from many of the top manufacturers across the globe. Everything ranging from mid-size cars to full-size SUVs is represented here.

A divorce alone will not affect your financial situation, but if the proceedings get prolonged for months and months, the cost of a lawyer and the unsettled debts you and your former partner owed can have a serious impact on your credit score. That is why it would be a good decision for you to request a copy of your credit report before you meet with us about Car Loans after Divorce in Knoxville.

Knowledge for Car Loans after Divorce in Knoxville

Knowing the details of your credit report should give you an early indication as to what you can fix now in order to enjoy the benefits of lower payments later. As you read through the document, pay particularly close attention to the factors that are affecting your score at the moment. Whether you have missed a few payments or if you accumulating large amounts of credit card debt, all of this information will be listed on your report.

By simply deciding to pay your bills on time and to use your credit cards less, lenders will start to see that you are responsible with money. While there is still some debate regarding how each person’s score can be affected by a certain situation, experts tend to agree that by using 30% or less of your credit limit, your score will remain unaffected. Our online pre-approval form is an easy way for you to begin the loan process without even having to leave the house. It does not take long to fill out, and once you have been approved, all you need to do is meet with a member of our staff and decide on the terms of your loan.

Stop by Farris Motor Company at 246 E. Broadway Blvd, Jefferson City, TN 37760, to find out more about our Car Loans after Divorce in Knoxville. To speak with a member of our staff, call us at 865-475-2071.

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