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Car Loans after Foreclosure in Knoxville


Car Loans after Foreclosure in Knoxville

When you bought your home, you never thought there would come a time when you would default on your mortgage. The possibility of foreclosure was the last thing on your mind when you signed the papers. However, certain circumstances were out of your control and your house was foreclosed on by the bank after you missed several monthly payments.

Car Loans Approval

Getting approved for a loan has proven to be a difficult task, but at Farris Motor Company, we can make the process easy. With our Car Loans after Foreclosure in Knoxville, your credit history will not keep you from enjoying the opportunities that the future holds.

Regardless of your financial situation, our financial experts can find a low-interest auto loan that will fit within your budget without shackling you to high monthly payments. The terms of our loans are negotiable, and our inventory of vehicles is massive. Whether you are in need of a courageous SUV or if you are looking for the superior luxury that a four-door sedan provides, our inventory covers all of the bases.

About Car Loans after Foreclosure in Knoxville

You have likely heard that your credit score took a hit after the foreclosure, but it may not have been as bad as you think. Until recently, it was a well-kept secret regarding what the effect on your score could be after a major financial event. The reason for this was likely due to how each situation varies from person to person. While you may have had a high score that fell greatly after the foreclosure, someone with a lower initial score may not have seen as much of an impact on their final numbers.

The only way for you to know exactly where you stand financially would be to request a copy of your credit report and score before you finalize the paperwork for our Car Loans after Foreclosure in Knoxville. Knowing these numbers could give you the confidence needed to negotiate more suitable terms for your loan. Your credit report will also give you some insight as to what you could easily be fixed so that your score can recover.

After you have made some adjustments to your credit score, feel free to fill out our online pre-approval form to get started on the loan process. Once you have been approved by our financial department, schedule an appointment to sit down with a member of our team.

Farris Motor Company is located at 246 E. Broadway Blvd, Jefferson City, TN 37760. Call us at 865-475-2071 to find out more about our Car Loans after Foreclosure in Knoxville. Our loans are affordable and our staff has the expertise needed to find the perfect car for your needs.

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