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Car Loans after Military Service in Knoxville


Car Loans after Military Service in Knoxville

Your career has been spent on the front lines of war-ravaged nations and every person you have helped owes you a debt of gratitude. However, when you came back home, you were told that due to missed payments and changing addresses, your credit score has decreased too heavily for other dealerships to be willing to work with you. At Farris Motor Company, we would like to honor your courage by offering Car Loans after Military Service in Knoxville.

Car Loans Approval

We realize that the career path you have chosen is one of the most difficult there is. Whether you have been deployed overseas or if you have been stationed somewhere across the country, your sacrifice should never be forgotten. Even if your credit score has seen better days or if you missed a few credit card payments during your most recent tour of duty, our staff can help.

While your loan approval does not depend solely on your credit score, it would be beneficial for you to start improving your finances before you sign for one of our Car Loans after Military Service in Knoxville. Requesting a copy of your credit report and score should be the first step you take as you prepare to buy a new or used car.

Helpful Car Loans after Military Service in Knoxville

This document, while it may seem insignificant, contains all of the factors that are affecting your finances at this time. Whether you have had debts go on to collection or if you have missed consecutive payments for a loan, all of this information will be housed in your credit report. Knowing this information ahead of time could potentially give you confidence as you negotiate the terms of your loan.

As you read through all of the details, make sure that all of your information is correct. Credit Bureaus are quite good about keeping your information updated, but there could be a chance that they have not updated your file to show that your credit limit has changed or that you paid off a debt they still list as unpaid. Dispute any errors you find and you will soon see your credit score improve.

Other dealerships may turn the car-buying process into a long ordeal, but our staff can get you approved for the car you want in no time at all. By filling out our online pre-approval form, you can be prepared to meet with a member of our team before even leaving the house.

Once you have been approved for financing, call Farris Motor Company at 865-475-2071 to find out more about our Car Loans after Military Service in Knoxville. With the deals and incentives we offer, buying a car from us will be the easiest decision you have ever made. Visit our showroom at 246 E. Broadway Blvd, Jefferson City, TN 37760 to find your dream car.

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