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Pre-Owned Car Loans with Bad Credit in Knoxville

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Pre-Owned Car Loans with Bad Credit in Knoxville

Your auto loan applications may have been turned down several times by various lending institutions because of bad credit, but this should not discourage you. We at Farris Motor Company are here for people like you. We specialize in giving Pre-Owned Car Loans with Bad Credit in Knoxville. Even if you have been turned down more than once by other institutions, rest assured that you will not be turned down at Farris Motor Company. At Farris Motor Company, the needs of our customers come first. Regardless of the condition of your credit record, we will help you to get the auto loan that you need.

Flexible Pre-Owned Car Loans with Bad Credit

One of the things that you will like about our Pre-Owned Car Loans with Bad Credit in Knoxville is that they have flexible repayment options. You can have these auto loans adjusted to allow you to make weekly or bi-weekly payments instead of just making monthly payments. If you get paid several times in a month, you will find this option to be quite convenient.

We at Farris Motor Company allow lump sum payments without any penalties. We understand that you want to take advantage of every opportunity that you can get to reduce your auto loan balance, and we do not stop you from doing that. Making lump sum payments from time to time can help you to save on interest and it will help you to clear the auto loan quicker. You get flexible payment periods with our auto loans with bad credit. You can request for a longer payment period to make the monthly payments more affordable; you can request for a shorter payment period.

Affordable Car Loans in Knoxville

Our Pre-Owned Car Loans with Bad Credit in Knoxville are quite affordable. They feature lower-than-average down payments so it makes it easier to pay them off. Our auto loans with bad credit come with competitive interest rates that give you pocket-friendly monthly payments. Our interest rates are fixed, so you get fixed monthly payment amounts for the entire payment period that you can easily plan for.

Come to Farris Motor Company at 246 E. Broadway Blvd., Jefferson City, TN 37760 for more information on these auto loans. Our authorized representatives will gladly answer all your questions and guide you through the auto loan application process.

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