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Preowned Pickups in Morristown

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Preowned Pickups in Morristown

Are you an outdoor craftsman that need a reliable and rugged truck for outdoor work? Are you a driver that has been craving getting a well-built preowned pickup truck? Here at Farris Motor Company, our collection of Preowned Pickups in Morristown will satisfy all customers. Plus, our talented team of sales workers will provide you with a great customer service experience. Contact us for more information today.

Preowned Pickups Safety Features

Daily work outside can get quite hectic at any given moment. As a result, it can really help to drive a truck with wonderful safety amenities. The more modern Preowned Pickups in Morristown that we have to offer can potentially offer up some great safety features. Therefore, any driver that wants an enhanced sense of safety should contact us today!

One of the preowned pickups we may be able to offer is the Ram 1500. A more recent version of this pickup can potentially come with a back-up camera. This back-up camera is great for backing out of a tight parking space or a cluttered work area. Therefore, any driver that wants advanced safety features should check out our modern pickup trucks. The preowned Ram 1500 can also possibly come with child safety locks. This is great for anyone that has kids or a dog in the back. As a result, drivers can focus on the road ahead instead of constantly worrying about backseat passengers. If you like any of these features, then you should contact our team!

Preowned Pickups Performance in Morristown

Another one of the potentially available Preowned Pickups in Morristown here at Farris Motor Company is the Ford F-150. The Ford brand is built on crafting some of the toughest trucks on the market. Therefore, any driver that is concerned with performance will want to check out our preowned trucks.

Many modern preowned Ford F-150 pickup models potentially boast a 3.5 liter V6 engine that is powerful and reliable. As a result, customers can lean on their preowned pickup truck during a long day of work or even regular commuting.

Our team at Farris Motor Company wants you to bring questions about our Preowned Pickups in Morristown down to our team. We guarantee that you will leave with everything you need to know and more! Customers can come and visit us in person at our address of 246 East Broadway Boulevard, Jefferson City, TN 37760. However, if you have a tight schedule then just call us by phone at 865-262-2277.

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